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Events, Races & More!

We are proud to host a number of events and race meets throughout the year. Admission is affordable, and no matter what’s on, you can always rest assured that the day will be fun for the whole family.

Learn more about our upcoming events below, and be sure to continue to read this page to learn more about our track, weather updates and frequently asked questions.
  • Calendar
  • 2017 - Race dates;
  • Tuesday 19th December 2017- TAB Meeting
2018 - Race dates;
Monday 29th January 2018 - TAB Meeting
Sunday 4th March 2018 TAB Armidale Cup 
Monday 19th March TAB Meeting
Sunday 15th April 2018 TAB Guyra Cup 
Wednesday 25th April 2018- Non TAB Anzac day
Tuesday 5th June 2018 -  TAB Clubs NSW Race day. 

Track Details

For the latest Armidale weather updates, be sure to check out the following sites:
What is the dress code for the races?

We don’t have a specific dress code, but we do ask that all spectators be neat and tidy.
How much does admission cost?

Admission is $7 for adults on non-featured days. For more details, see our Admissions & Pricing page.
What time is the first race?

We usually hold the first race at 1pm or 1:30pm, depending on how many races are scheduled for the day. For event-specific details, please contact us.
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